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Eosoma: Eco-Friendly Pregnancy Prevention Workshop

November 18 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Welcome to Eosoma: The Conception Prevention Movement!
Beyond birth control, Eosoma is a natural conception prevention method using cycle tracking and herbs to connect with your body, learn more about your cycle, and prevent conception naturally and effectively. We are transforming preconceptions around “natural” conception prevention, showing that non-hormonal conception prevention can be safe, effective and easy to use.
Step by Step Process on how to Use the Method
The Inner Workings of your Menstrual Cycle
Simple Menstrual Cycle Charting
Checks and Balances of the Eosoma Method
Which Pure Herbs and Concentrates to Use in Conception Prevention
How to Use the Herbs and Concentrates safely and effectively
Precise Schedule of Suppositories based on Sexual Activity & Point in Fertility Cycle
Proactive Vaginal Hygiene Tips
How the Female Body works to get Pregnant
A better understanding of Conventional Birth Control Methods
This may be the most important female-body supporting workshop you’ll ever take!
TO REGISTER: ONLY 20 spaces available, so register early!
Make a payment through PAYPAL and include a note: “EOSOMA” along with your full name and email if different from your paypal account.
Inquire about limited worktrade positions!
Come with a healthy prepared meal, optional, you are welcome to bring enough of one item for potluck style sharing.
The Eosoma Method is a unique 3-part system with built-in checks & balances:
1st: Cycle Tracking. Understanding how the menstrual cycle & pregnancy works, detailed info on your fertile window, understanding shifting menstrual cycles and how to chart your cycle for the method.
2nd: Emmenagogues (herbs that encourage menstruation) and when & how to use them safely to support the body’s natural moon cycle.
3rd: Herbal suppositories & how to use them effectively for conception prevention.
This is information we have all longed for – the natural way to manage our choice not to conceive.
Why Eosoma?
This is a new way of working with our bodies. A widespread adoption of the Eosoma Method cannot come soon enough!
This is the way to reclaim a female’s power of choice without relying on abortion or polluting the environment with synthetic chemicals that are accumulating in our water. The Eosoma Method is a conversation with your body. We understand the health of your body is an important matter. Eosoma allows you to deeply communicate with the wisdom of your body in balance.
Our work is a movement because it is ongoing – we intend for each participant to not just come to a workshop and go home – but to leave with a new way of life embedded in your understanding.
Support your body’s innate intelligence through knowledge you won’t find anywhere else!
Emerald Figueroa started her journey in nutrition, healing and wellness at a very young age connecting into her native american heritage and spirit. After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the young age of 15, she had made her mind up that this disease would not continue to destroy her. At age 19 she accepted a 5 year apprenticeship, from a seasoned nutritionist of 25 years Aimee Bourget. She deeply dove into the study of nutrition, herbal wisdom, reiki, dance, sound healing, crystal therapy and the the mysteries of where knowledge and wisdom comes from. At age 24 Emerald was removed from hormonal birth control and went down the path of women regaining body awareness and restoring our birthright of knowing how to listen and communicate with our bodies. She is currently attending Bauman College for her Nutrition Degree and national recognition with NANP organization. Emerald offers Birth Control Education, Cycle Balancing, Yoni Health, Postpartum Wisdom, Male Supportive Birth Control Education, Sound Orb Crystal Bowl Healing, Crystal Therapy, EFT Facilitation, Food Alchemy and much more. She is a gifted artist, singer and spirit weaver. Her life purpose is to awaken the Internal Body Awareness within. Learn more at www.eosoma.org


November 18
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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1121 64th Street
Oakland, CA 94608 United States
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