Shared Spaces for Artists, Crafters, Hackers & co-workers!

Memberships available for these shared spaces!

theMakerymakeoverthe Makery

This newly organized space (next to our Fab Lab) is for eco artist interested in a co-working environment. Are you a sewer, print maker, jeweler, or mixed media crafter or artist with an eco approach to material use or methods? We’d love to hear from you! Membership at $100/mo with 9am-9pm access; please inquire by emailing us. The room has some shared tools, supplies, including industrial sewing machines, sergers and more.

If you’re interested, please fill out our short The Makery Questionnaire, so that we may know more about you and what you do.

If you would like to come take a tour, please email us at:

Please include, “The Makery” in the Subject line.

Be a member to the Makery and make stuff with us. As part of our cooperative you make something cool to sell and a percentage goes to PLACE and a percentage goes to the Coop. The coop members share time in setting up and selling at farmer’s markets, art shows, studio openings, etc. and a small percentage goes back to PLACE and to the Coop. We’d love your help in getting this activated. It’s easier to be a working artist with shared community of other artists if it’s not your full time work.

Also, in the future we hope to set up an online PLACE store.  Sample Products (sneak peek on the fun we are having). If you would like to help us with this, here are the ways you could help:

  clay_crpd2Community Clay

We are so excited to announce Community Clay as part of our maker space resource! The space allotted to Community Clay is that immediately outside of the Makery space in the southwest corner. We have a potters’ wheel, kiln, potters’ tools and some donated glazes and clay. Member fees are $100/mo, which gives you membership access to the Makery as well. If you just want a membership to Community Clay, the membership starts at $65, depending on frequency of usage, full-time vs part-time. Additional fees for firing are expected depending on quantity.

More to come about open houses, clay making days and workshops! Come to Craf-tea Tuesday to find out more.

We are also looking for makers who are interested in co-organizing craft nights (Craf-Tea Tuesday) as well as tea lovers. Email us!


Co-working Space

Our shared working environment offers a membership to a unique community sustainability incubator center; an alternative to cafes, libraries and kitchen table. Enjoy lunch outside in our yard of gardens. Communal work stations at $100/month for full time weekday access: 9am-6pm; M-F; other options available. Evening needs are subject to scheduling.

You are a non-profit, collective, startup, eco or sustainable business, community organizer; You perhaps focus on social, environmental or food justice (all justices). You love the DIY culture and are excited about the potential to be based at an actively collaborative urban sustainable center.

If you’re interested, please fill out our short Co-working Questionnaire, so that we may know more about you and what you do.

If you would like to come take a tour, please email us at:

Please include, “Coworking Space” in the Subject line.

Payment Options for communal work stations for drop ins:

• $100/mo which gives you a M-F 9-6pm access

• Limited personal stations for $200/mo.

• $50/mo minimum for a 1-2x weekly usage.


Hours 9am-6pm; M-F; evenings are subject to scheduling.


• Nice wood table tops

• Office chairs

• Plenty of outlets

• Heater and insulated room from the rest of the venue space

• Quiet space

• Gardens outside

• South facing window

• A unique sustainable center for the eco-minded or for the curious

• Maker spaces open for membership as well (see about these on this page)

• Filtered water & hot water tea kettle available



Another space on site known as the Fab Lab, which is dedicated to folks working in the realm of environmentally friendly sustainable design and appropriate technology. From bike builders to rocket stove makers, gasifier to methane digester, the Fab Lab is an incubator for new ideas in a solutionary future. The space is suited for metal and woodworking, soldering, custom bike frame & trailer fabrication. We have shared tools including table saw, metal & wood chop saw, band saw, drill press, a small CNC machine, a mill and several hand tools. We are looking for others to bring their own equipment to share with other makers, so we can create a more robust and versatile working environment.

If you’re interested, please fill out our short  Fab Lab Questionnaire, so that we may know more about you and what you do.

If you would like to come take a tour, please email us at:; please include “FAB LAB” in the Subject line.

The Neighborhood: We are located on 64th Street and Marshall Street, half a block from San Pablo Ave and a block south of Alcatraz Ave. We are a 20 min walk from Ashby BART and equidistant from Ashby and Powell exits off the I-80. We are a block away from Paradise Park Cafe, A Verb for Keeping Warm (yarn, fabric, and fiber shop) and James and the Giant Cupcake. The Donut Farm, Tribu Cafe, Ruby’s and Farley’s are the other cafes within walking distance as is Urban Ore salvage yard, Ashby Lumber, Ashby Plumbing, MacBeath Hardwoods, Discount Fabrics, and Berkeley Bowl WEST.