PLACE’s Artist-In-Residence 2018

Ernesto Hernández Olmos

Ernesto Hernández Olmos has been a good friend, ally, and confidant to many in the Bay Area and we were thrilled to host him here at PLACE after he lost a host studio up north due to the fires last year. As our first  Artist-in-Residence he hosted a hugely successful clay workshop on Ocarina Instrument making earlier in the summer and now two workshops coming up in October of this year, leading up to his final gallery show celebrating Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on November 10, 2018. Watch for our social media event post coming soon.

We are so grateful to him for bringing the traditions of his culture here to PLACE and for his added stewardship of our maker space, the Makery. MORE HERE

PLACE Camp, Field Trips and Tours!

If you are a teacher, parent, or school searching for an ecological educational site for your planned field trip or camp that teach youth about sustainability either by touring our site or by facilitated hands-on activities by educators in the fields of permaculture, gardening, natural building or appropriate technology, we can help you out, please contact us by email:, please include, “PLACEcamp” in the subject line.


Allies and Partners

PLACE has partnered with many grass roots organizations, neighbors, churches, art collectives, neighborhood associations, business merchants and other and continues to make connections with local partners in an effort to build meaningful connections. Some of those organizations:


St. Columba Church

We have partnered with St. Columba Church on a few projects that include: garden projects at the church, eco field trips and camp days in the Makery for youth. We also are in alignment around social justice issues and support these efforts how we can. The church have also participated in our yearly placemaking street block parties: Creating Commons Festival whether providing the community BBQ run by the youth of the church or with our Justice Zone of organizations, panelist and trainings provided to the public.

North Oakland Restorative Justice Council

The North Oakland Restorative Justice Council is made up of various North Oakland community stakeholders working to address issues of community violence through a land based restorative justice lens.  The Council is made up of members of Bethany Baptist Church, Memorial Tabernacle Church, Growing Together, Phat Beets Produce, PLACE for Sustainable Living, the Bay Area Youth Empowerment Project, and various neighbors.  The council organizes to support communities dealing with institutional and interpersonal violence in North Oakland and to create a culture and process to curb future violence. This community based project is working at intersection of urban greening and displacement with a focus on building campaigns, initiatives, and practices around community safety and economic development without displacement in Oakland, California through the use of restorative justice. Read more here.

Northern California Resilience Network

The NorCal Resilience Network is addressing the urgency to move away from an extractive, exploitative economy toward holistic systems that will support human life in self-sustaining harmony with nature as we move into the future. The vision is to transform our homes, neighborhoods, and communities into vibrant, regenerative places. The NorCal Network focuses on seeding and cultivating solutions that are people-powered, community-based and nature-inspired that address the most pressing social and environmental problems of our time. Read more here.

Local Clean Energy Alliance

Local Clean Energy Alliance is Bay Area’s foremost membership organization working at the local, state, and national level to promote a clean energy future through the development and democratization of local renewable energy resources. These resources are key to addressing climate change, advancing social and racial justice, and building sustainable and resilient communities.Read more here.

Golden Gate Oakland

The Golden Gate Oakland District website is a collaboration of San Pablo Avenue and Golden Gate District merchants, organizations, residents, artists, and workers. This is our virtual hub for news, events, happenings, business promotions, and building community. Please join us in contributing and making use of this community hub for the benefit of everyone who lives, works, shops, visits, and travels through the Golden Gate District of Oakland, California, 94608.

Golden Gate Strategic Forum

We are a forum of Golden Gate district merchants, organizers, city office personnel, and neighborhood association (SPAGGIA) who meets to strategize on development without displacement for our neighborhood, bringing the community needs into the mix. We came up with the Golden Gate Second Saturdays, an initiative to hold a monthly Second Saturday’s event, with activities in the following categories: Art, Music, Food, Volunteerism, Classes, and Family Friendly too.

We’re focusing on the DIY character of our neighborhood. Our goals are:
– To encourage interactions between residents of the Golden Gate Neighborhood
– To show off our neighborhood features to residents and visitors
– To support local arts, music, business, and orgnizations
– To have a great party every month!

San Pablo Avenue Golden Gate Improvement Association – SPAGGIA, pronounced spa-jee-a

SPAGGIA is a non-profit, volunteer organization devoted to improving the quality of life in the Golden Gate neighborhood since 1984. We are on a Our efforts have resulted in the landscaped medians on San Pablo Avenue, improved street lighting, restoration and preservation of the local library, block clubs and neighborhood networks, crime prevention initiatives, community cleanups, candidate forums for local elections, and construction of the new Golden Gate Recreation Center (beginning in 2014)

And You?

Want to partner with us? We are always looking for more organizations to create amazing collaborations with!

Please inquire by emailing us at


Fiscal Sponsor

Create Peace Project

create_peace_logoCreate Peace Project (CPP) was founded in May of 2008 by Ross Holzman in San Francisco, CA.  CPP was formed in response to the overwhelming amount of violence in the world, the violence and negativity streaming through the mass media, coupled with the severe lack of creative arts in people’s lives, the deterioration of arts-programing in U.S. public schools, and the suffering people are experiencing as a result.  Create Peace Project is responding to growing need to strengthen human connection, cultivate self-awareness, spread hope and create peace in people’s lives.