Artist-In-Residence with Ernesto Hernández Olmos



Ernesto Hernández Olmos —2018 Artist-In-Residence

Ernesto Hernández Olmos has been a good friend, ally, and confidant to many in the Bay Area and we were thrilled to host him at the beginning of the summer through the year as our Artist-in-Residence at PLACE, our first one. He hosted a hugely successful clay workshop on Ocarina Instrument making and now these two workshops mentioned above. We are grateful to him for bringing the traditions of his culture here to PLACE and for his added stewardship of our maker space, the Makery. We are truly blessed with his residency and ongoing friendship in our community!

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Ernesto’s final show: La Muerte – An Art Exhibit & Show with Ernesto Olmos

Celebrating Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on Saturday, November 10, 2018; 6:30pm-11:45pm

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About Día de los Muertos

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About Ernesto Hernández Olmos

Ernesto Olmos, born in Oaxaca, Mexico, has been active in the community arts in Northern California since 1998. He has developed a wide range of programs, curriculum, presentations, art exhibits and musical performance based in traditions of Native Mexico. He travels to support sacred ceremonies and cultural exchanges throughout the Americas. Ernesto combines ancient forms of art that have been passed down through oral and ceremonial traditions. He works to keep sacred arts thriving with the intention of remembering indigenous roots as we walk in the path set out by our ancestors.

In 2014, Ernesto began developing the Central American Jaguar Shaman Network in partnership with the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network (WSIN) throughout Central Mexico and South America. This network aims to conserve the Jaguar as a sacred being across cultural, environmental, and spiritual landscapes by connecting Indigenous elders, conservationists, artists, and healers who support Jaguar conservation.

The House of the Grandfather Jaguar of Light Project

Ceremonial Center of Healing, Art and Culture

Within the Jaguar sanctuary is the Center of Spirituality, Art and Culture of Oaxaca, directed by Maestro Ernesto Hernández Olmos. The center was created with the objective of preserving the ancestral traditions and practices of the old grandfathers by focusing on the culture and spirituality of the Jaguar. This will be realized through the teachings and practices of Spiritual Ceremonies and Rituals of Healing, such as the Temazcal and Sound Therapy (healing via the sound of ancestral instruments).

There will also be educational workshops for children, youth, and adults on sacred art, traditional medicine, painting, ceramic art, fine arts, feather work, and ancestral instrument making among other arts, as well as the promotion and diffusion of Oaxacan culture through dance and music. The classes will be guided by Oaxacan oral traditions and stories, with the intention of providing healing, creative experiences that honor Mother Earth and the sacred Jaguar of Light. In this way the center creates a consciousness of respect for the preservation of our ancestral practices and transmits the knowledge passed on by our old grandfathers and the cosmovision of the Jaguar to our future generations.

The center will collaborate with different Indigenous, sister traditions at the national and international level, including Brazil, U.S., South Africa, China, and Kyrgyzstan, from which Shaman Teachers and Knowledge Bearers will be invited with the intention to elevate our inner knowledge and remember our connection with our Mother Earth. To support the spiritual dimensions of protecting sacred Jaguars, the center will connect Elders and Healers from these traditions across the continent and world to share their knowledge. As mentioned, Ernesto’s vision for the center weaves the wisdom of Ancestral, ceremonial practices with environmental conservation, arts, and healing.

 The development of The Center was prompted by sightings of the White Jaguar of Light in the mountains of Oaxaca in 2004. Within the oral tradition of Ernesto’s native Oaxaca, the Jaguar of Light is the spirit of Mother Earth and the urgency of raising awareness of the Jaguar’s environmental, spiritual, and cultural importance in the global world. The Center will serve as a spiritual, cultural site for raising awareness to preserve the sacred Jaguar’s environment by helping rescue, rehabilitate, and release Jaguars. To assist directly in this effort, the Center will collaborate with the Yaguar Xoo from Union Zapata, Oaxaca. Yaguar Xoo currently rescues and rehabilitates Jaguars with the mission of releasing them back to their natural habitats.

Fundraising Campaign for the Jaguar Sanctuary Project
To offer support for Ernesto’s Jaguar Sanctuary Project in Oaxaca, Mexico please go to this link to read more below about this amazing project and make your contributions: SUPPORT LINK


Ernesto Hernández Olmos

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